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Monday, January 7, 2013

Wages, Hours and Working Conditions: A Compendium

This Compendium covers a range of topics related to wages, hours, and work-ing conditions. It provides detailed information on the Davis-Bacon Act, changes in prevailing wage rates, the Family and Medical Leave Act, child la-bor, worker safety in the construction industry, retraining, worksharing, and more.

The mission of the U.S. Department of Labor is to “foster and promote the welfare of the job seekers, wage earners, ... of the United States by improving their working conditions, advancing their opportunities for profitable employ-ment, ... [and] strengthening free collective bargaining, and tracking changes in employment, prices, and other national economic measurements. In carry-ing out this mission, the Department administers a variety of Federal labor laws including those that guarantee workers’ rights to safe and healthful working conditions; a minimum hourly wage and overtime pay; [and] free-dom from employment discrimination... ”

Date of Report: December 14, 2012
Number of Pages: 248

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