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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Analysis of the Obama Administration’s “Line-by-Line” Budget Review

To: House Committee on Energy and Commerce
 Attention: Samuel J. Spector

From: Clinton T. Brass
Analyst in Government Organization and Management

This memorandum provides analysis of the Barack Obama Administration's “line-by- Line” budget review and the relationship of the review to several topics. Specifically is offers an analysis of what the line-by-line review appears to entail. It also provides analysis of how the review may relate to
  • Administration proposals for “terminations, reductions, and savings”;
  • the processes and institutions that are involved in formulating the President's annual budget request; and
  • practices by past Administrations.
Finally, it identifies policy options that Congress might consider to
  • bring additional transparency to presidential budget proposals, including the outcomes of such proposals after Congress considers them; and
  • enhanced credibility to representations that an Administration may make in these requests regarding how well an agency or program has performed-for example, assurance that the representation that an Administration makes portrays performance information fairly, in the context of an agency's or program's statutory mission.

Date of Report: September 28, 2011
Number of Pages: 6
Order Number: M-092811
Price: $19.95

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