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Monday, November 19, 2012

Child Support Enforcement: $25 Annual User Fee

Carmen Solomon-Fears
Specialist in Social Policy

P.L. 109-171, the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, required states to impose a $25 annual user fee for Child Support Enforcement (CSE) services provided to families with no connection to the welfare system. The user fee is to be assessed if the state CSE agency collects at least $500 in child support payments on behalf of the family in a given fiscal year. The law gives the states four options on how to obtain the user fee. According to an August 2012 survey of the 54 jurisdictions with CSE programs, 18 jurisdictions pay the fee with state funds, 4 jurisdictions get the fee from the noncustodial parent, 1 jurisdiction imposes the user fee directly on the custodial parent, and 31 jurisdictions impose the fee indirectly on the custodial parent by retaining the fee from the family’s child support payment (after $500 per year has been collected on behalf of the family).

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