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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Business Tax Issues in 2010

Donald J. Marples
Specialist in Public Finance

Mark P. Keightley
Analyst in Public Finance

In 2009, congressional debate focused primarily on stimulating the economy, health care reform, and climate change. These issues are not only interrelated, but are also intimately linked with the taxation of businesses. For example, in February, Congress enacted the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (P.L. 111-5). Two of the act's business tax provisions provided for a temporary increase of small business expensing and temporary "bonus" depreciation limits, while other provisions allow a delayed recognition of cancelation of debt income and five-year carryback of net operating losses for small businesses. The act also modified several renewable energy provisions, including the Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit, the Investment Tax Credit, and tax credit for Alternative Fueling Property. 

Congressional debate in 2010 has focused on extending selected expired tax provisions and reforming health care. In particular, the Tax Extenders Act of 2009, H.R. 4213, passed the House on December 9, 2009, and the Senate on March 10, 2010. In addition, the debate on health care reform is ongoing and the President's Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Proposal calls for the modification of selected business taxes, the removal or restriction of several oil and gas tax provisions, and reforming international taxation. 

As the year progresses, it is anticipated that congressional deliberations will consider the extension of several expiring business tax provisions, energy taxation, tax shelters, and international taxation, while continuing to examine opportunities for economic stimulus.

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